The CV of the Mayor of Lemesos, Mr Andreas Christou

Andreas Christou was born in Limassol in 1948 and he graduated from Lanition Gymnasium. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Moscow and was actively involved in the Cypriot Students and Youth Movement. He worked as a mechanical engineer and later on as a senior manager of a Limassol based Industrial Corporation.

In the first Municipal Elections which were held in the Republic of Cyprus in 1986, Andreas Christou was elected as a Municipal Councilor, while being a member of the Sewerage Board of Limassol-Amathus and the Water Board of Lemesos.

Andreas Christou was elected as a Member of Parliament representing the District of Limassol for three times. During his term of office as an MP he has been Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Institutions and Merit, Chairman of the Parliamentary Subcommittee on Temporary Civil Servants and a Member of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign and European Affairs. From 1991 to 2003 he was a Parliamentary Leader and a Member of the National Council.

In 2003 he was appointed Minister of the Interior, remaining in that post until September 2006.

Andreas Christou was elected as the Mayor of Limassol in December 2006.

Throughout the years he has been actively involved in the social and cultural life of Limassol as member of various committees and institutions and by participating in glee clubs as guitar player and serenader.

He is married with Christian Argyridou-Christou and he has a son and a grandson.

Members of Lemesos Municipal Council
(2012 – 2017)

Christou Andreas - Mayor
Stouppas Savvas - Vice Mayor 
Agapiou Nicos
Anastasiou Panos
Aristidou Aristos
Aristidou Mariella
Armeftis Giannis
Vasiliou Michalis
Yiallouros Kostas
Zemenides Afxentis
Thoma Yiannakis
Kareklas Andreas
Mavroudes Loizos
Neofytou Andreas
Pantelidou Niki
Papadopoulos Miltos
Papaioannou Persa
Spatharis Loucas
Spyrou Athina
Sykas Nikos
Socratous Michalis
Tsolaki Evanthia
Trikkis Xaris
Ttoppouzis Prodromos

Charalambides Neophytos
Homatas Christos
Psaras Apostolos


Members of Lemesos Municipal Council
(2007 – 2011)

1.     Christou Andreas
2.     Danielides Yiannos
3.     Agapiou Nicos
4.     Antoniadou Troodia
5.     Aristidou Aristos
6.     Armeftis Giannis
7.     Georgiadou Sophie
8.     Georgalletos Lollos
9.     Demetriou Kristis
10.     Diplaros Efthimios
11.     Thoma Yiannakis
12.     Kareklas Andreas
13.     Kafkalias Andreas
14.     Kombos Adamos
15.     Kyprianou Andreas
16.     Pantelidou Niki
17.     Papaioannou Persa
18.     Pavlou Kostas
19.     Spyrou Spyros
20.     Stouppas Savvas
21.     Sykas Nikos
22.     Trikkis Xaris
23.     Tsapparellas Tasos
24.     Tsolaki Evanthia
25.     Hamboullas Evgenios
26.     Homatas Christos
27.     Psaras Gabriel
Vice Mayor