As is already known, one Cypriot and one Danish city will be designated as European Capitals of Culture for 2017. Limassol has already announced that it shall lay claim to this title.

We firmly believe that Limassol:

is not only ENTITLED to be selected, because of its history and its significant contribution to the modern culture of Cyprus, but,

it also DESERVES to be selected, because it is a modern and dynamically developing city with current and future advanced infrastructure elements which are required for this purpose, while,

it is also CAPABLE of being selected, because with proper planning and cooperation between the city and its citizens it is in a position to constitute a thoroughly successful European Capital of Culture.

The working group commissioned by the Municipality of Limassol for the preparation of the candidacy dossier, has already commenced working, creatively and quietly, carrying out proper strategic planning.

The Mayor, Municipal Council, municipal officials as well as the municipal services are being vigilant, creatively contributing to the achievement of this goal, at the same time planning the necessary cultural and other important infrastructure elements of the city, giving it a new look and new life.

The various Municipalities, Communities, private sector organizations and other agencies of the Greater Limassol area and district, are keeping themselves continually informed and updated, and are passionately pursuing the achievement of this goal.

The vast and proven benefits that have accrued to cities designated as European Capitals of Culture from 1985 to date are evident, both as far as the cultural and social, as well as the economic and tourism aspects are concerned.

To be sure, proper and modern strategic planning is necessary in order to create the required cultural and other infrastructure elements, as well as the artistic, sports and tourist events program that will be proposed and which should be characterised by high and demanding standards.

Additionally, a necessary condition and one of the most important prerequisites for the award to a city of the organization of this programme, and the key to its successful implementation, is the mass participation and cooperation of the citizens.

The embracing of this candidacy by the citizens of the city and the wider Limassol region as well as mass volunteering is a necessary condition for the success of the organization of this programme, and ultimately for the selection of Limassol as a European Capital of Culture.

Cultural and socio-economic institutions, organizations and associations, educational institutions and people of all ages need to feel as their own purpose and objective, both the awarding of the title to Limassol as a European Capital of Culture for the year 2017, while they must also actively contribute to the successful implementation of the various events.

Limassol 2017, European Capital of Culture – candidate city.
Limassol Municipality

We must all believe that: