Anticipated benefits

The city of Limassol is looking forward to exploiting the great opportunities afforded by the European Capital of Culture programme, which is recognised as one of the most successful institutions of the European Union. Guided by the strategy which has been laid down for the period 2012-2017, which will extend beyond the year of the planned events, and utilising the legacy of the title, Limassol looks forward not only to benefit itself but also to deliver cultural, social as well as financial benefits.

Verification and promotion of the cultural and intercultural profile of Limassol.

Upgrading and promoting the image of the City internationally as well as to its residents, encouraging creativity and new ideas in cultural life. Affording at the same time the opportunity to showcase the history and culture of the city. Focusing with an  intercultural lens, on the provision of equal opportunities for all residents, on the integration of immigrants in the social web and the acceptance of diversity as a source of new ideologies and cultural “fermentation”.

Improvement of cultural infrastructure and services for the encouragement of cultural creativity.

The opportunity shall be given to the sector of culture and creativity to further develop. New life shall be breathed into the developing new look with the new development projects, interposing the cultural dimension and promoting a productive and supportive environment for artists and cultural organisations.

Achievement of long term cultural, social and economic benefits for the following generations.

Enhancement of its European identity, encouraging the utilisation of existing partnerships and the creation of new ones. Improvement of access to education and the acquisition of knowledge through the exchange and transfer of know-how and through a programme of cultural training. The creation of better and more humane conditions and quality of life for the resident in a properly structured natural environment. Upgrading and promotion of local culture aiming at the attraction of visitors and quality tourism.