Address by the President of the Limassol Municipality Social Welfare Committee, Ms. Evi F. Tsolaki


I feel particularly satisfied that the program «Europe for Citizens» was completed with great success. And now we are at the phase of presentation of this website which contains the proceedings of the program.

The program «Europe for Citizens» gives the opportunity to fraternal Municipalities to exchange, through different meetings, practices and politics that are applied in each participant Municipality regarding each time the chosen subject.

After a suggestion by the Social Welfare Committee, the Municipality of Limassol, as a co-coordinator partner, has chosen for subject the socialization of the dependant people (children, elderly people and people with special needs) through the practical application of the European Roadmap for the gender equality in the local societies.

I had the chance, as President of the Social Welfare Committee of the Municipality of Limassol, who undertook the coordination and realization of the program, to attend all five meetings.

The first one and the last one were held in Limassol in April 2010 and September 2011 respectively and the others in Plovdiv, Bulgaria in September 2010, Thessaloniki in December 2010 and Heraklion, Crete in June 2011.

The meetings’ program, other than the speeches and the presentations, included visits to institutes and day care centers, occupation garden for children, elderly people and people with special needs.

The findings, extracted at the last meeting, show that the deficiencies and the problems detected during the realization of the European Roadmap for the gender equality in the local societies concerning the practices, the politics and the infrastructure that the local authorities will have to offer for the socialization of the dependant people, are common.

It is, of course, positive and encouraging that in all the meetings the Municipalities shared the intention of improving the rendering towards the dependant people and also specific suggestions were introduced.

The Municipality of Limassol also asked help by other organizations, for the realization of the program, which responded immediately and contributed enormously in its success.

To be exact, representatives of the women’s organizations of the parliamentary parties, the guild women’s part, the businesswomen and the professional women’s union of Limassol, the youth organization of the Pancyprian Organization of Disable men’s Rehabilitation «Hefaistos», the Limassol Deaf People Group, the Blind Welfare Council, the Saint Stephen, the Theotokos, the Saint Stylianos, the Apostle Luke, the Gifted Children Cyprus Association, the Pancyprian Association for people with autism, the Prosvasis, the Limassol Adult Center, the Patticheion Adult Occupation Center and the day nursery of Antonis and Ino Xatzipavlou all participated in the deputation of the Municipality of Limassol.

All these organizations contribute to the socialization of the dependant people since they complete the deficiencies of the State, granting infrastructure and know-how based on voluntary work an we owe to congratulate them for their charitable deeds.

Of course, the participant Municipalities, through this program, gave and gained a lot and I believe that the goal has been achieved. In addition to the very good job that has been done, all the participants built a very strong friendship and cooperation relationship that will continue in the future in other subjects of our responsibilities.

I hope that the findings of the program will be exploited to the maximum so that we can make our cities friendlier towards the dependant people.

Evi F. Tsolaki
Municipal Counselor of Limassol
President of the Social Welfare Committee of the Municipality of Limassol