Participants Comments

Please mention your experience from the demonstrations of the program «Europe for citizens» with the subject «Socialization of the dependant people through the practical application of the European Roadmap for the Gender Equality in the Local Communities» in which you have participated:

Presuming that the aim of these conventions was a long-term ecient investment for a viable society, where everyone could have a better life, I think that the experience of my participation in these conventions is valuable and signicant because it gave me the opportunity to reconsider the fundamental values of universality and solidarity between people.

My experience was absolutely positive. After tangible and realistic examples it resulted that the socialization of the dependant people is possible and fertile in the scope of the Municipalities which constitute «incubators» of hospitality and undertaking of similar social initiatives.

It was a very interesting experience. I was impressed by the presentation of the B’ Technical School of Limassol and the «Prosvasi» Day Centre’s cooperation as well by the benets from this cooperation for both the parties. But above all I met the
problems that dependant people deal with and how necessary the contribution of all of us is, of any kind, as to lightened their problem (concerning my eld for the accommodation of the access for people with special needs in all places)

As I have participated in three meetings of the program (Plovdiv - Heraklion – Limassol) the experience was of course positive, as I believe that through the cooperation of the organizations and through their communication, common problems that arise in every society, that experience the every day needs caused by the problematic function of the State and its social mechanism, can be dealt with.

Excellent experience. It is now obvious that it is the society that would play the leading role in the socialization of the dependant people. Wherever this is realised the results will be spectacular. The Municipalities should become a haven of all these
initiatives aiming at this direction.

It was a perfectly organized convention. My wish and desire is that such activities that give us the opportunity to meet other sides of human life, unknown to the most of us, will be organized more often.

What do you think benets from the organization of the conventions /workshop?

  • Targeted policies were stated.
  • Structural improvements were promoted.
  • The role of the national heritage, the traditions, the social customs, the economic development, the role of the family and the organizations of each participant’s country were looked into.
  • The «barriers» concerning access were questioned.
  • The disability was looked at with «a new» approach in the climate of the economical crisis.
  • It constituted an important step for the incorporation of the disability matter in all the Europe States’ politics.

The exchange of experiences, the success stories, the different political approach, all these contribute to the expansion of the perception towards visible alternative approaches.

The exchange of information, experiences and proposals between the participants, which are useful for the coping of similar issues that we probably have not deal with yet.

The benefits of the conventions are of course positive, since they allow the participants to meet each other, to exchange different opinions and as a result to develop more equitable ways of dealing with problems.

The direct deliberation and the exchange of views, experiences and pursuits create a new landscape of actions.

Lots and various benefits.

  • The acquaintance and development of friendly relationships between the participants
  • The exchange of ideas and views concerning the better realization of the conventions’ goal.
  • The knowledge of new ways of dealing with problems of our daily routine.

Do you have to add any comments or proposals that could be exploit for future programs?

Denition of detail actions with the participation of representative organizations of people with special needs, in order to secure more eective mechanisms.
Creation of a discussion room / electronic forums, for the exchange of proposals/experiences Creation of Liaison Oces for Social issues in the Local Government. I think that these kind of programs must be repeated in order to develop dierent issues that are common in several cities of the European Union and which constitute a problem in order to better dealing with them.

I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in such a program and to experience all these wonderful feelings. I hope to work with you again and to be of use in any matter that concerns my competence. I am always at your disposal.

I suggest that the excluded groups are regarded seriously and eectively with the help of the state’s voluntary organizations and citizens.

Support of all the actions concerning this direction but with serious and creative structure on the merits.