Philosophy - Objectives - Prospect

The need for the establishment of a single Cultural Organisation of Greater Limassol has been ripe for some time now. The six Municipalities of Greater Limassol ought to join forces and synchronize their progress in demand for better quality in the field of art and culture.

From its beginning, Limassol has been the city of culture, arts  and science. It can, even today, become the forerunner, the pioneer in the area of creation and culture.

Our common obligation is to respond to the major challenges of our era and, particularly, within this sensitive and valuable space, a response with courage and optimism instead of dilemmas so that Limassol can become the centre of major artistic and cultural events.

The Cultural Company will be the foundation of such collaboration, which will be provided, we are certain, with financial sponsorship and support from the Ministry of Education and Culture, as well as from other public and semi-public organizations, private organizations and sponsors.

The Cultural Company will operate as a regional Cultural Foundation and a pioneer not only of its creation but also its promotion. This will also constitute the main axis and body for its events. The overall cultural philosophy of the agency will come to fruition through major events – institutions which will basically be the catalytic result, on the one hand, of local artistic activity, and on the other hand, of the importation of significant cultural accomplishments from abroad.

Our overall philosophy stems from: the cultural conditions of the 21st century, the cultural character of our country, the necessity to interchange ideas and cultures and, especially, the fighting spirit against the cultural alienation of our era. We wish those who may be sceptical or critical to concentrate on this, with a consciousness motivated by art and culture.