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Activities of the 2014 Carnival

The Carnival is a great popular festival the roots of which are lost in antiquity and which our people, despite the enormous difficulties encountered in their long history, have preserved and honoured to this day.

As an institution and traditional festival, the Carnival has been celebrated consistently in our City and all over Cyprus over the last one hundred years, and regardless of political or economic conditions it represents a ritual which on the eve of spring affords the opportunity to our people to express their faith and optimism for a good year, for a better tomorrow.

This year in particular, the carnival activities are needed more than ever, as they comprise another expression of resistance by the people against the financial crisis, against misery, and against defeatism.

In conclusion, the traditions of a people are not abandoned in times of difficulty, but on the contrary, are retained and maintained, for they constitute a safe refuge for the people to rest in order to continue and fight on.

The Municipality of Limassol organizes all the events and activities in open and readily accessible areas, with free entry and participation; a fact which brings people together, the young and the old, regardless of financial means or social stratum.

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