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  • ACT I


    At a lake in the depths of the forest white swans are swimming to the shore. They are beautiful young maidens transformed into swans by the evil magician Rothbart. They can only assume human form at night and there is no power on earth which can break the evil enchantment except the power of devoted love.

    The Prince became excited by the site of prey and raised his bow to take a shot. In another instant his arrow would pierce his target, a swan, but before he releases his arrow the bird suddenly turns into a beautiful maiden. This is Odette, the Queen of the swan maidens.

    Odette`s beauty charms the Prince. He tries to capture the swammaiden, but she is afraid of the wicked magician, and evades Siegfried. She loses herself in the midst of the maidens circling in a dance. Finding her, Siegfried vows eternal love and fidelity to her.

    Odette`s heart responds to Siegfried`s passionate love. She sees in him a champion who will rescue her from the evil sorcerer’s power. Dawn breaks. The maidens will soon be turned into swans again. Odette bids Siegfried a tender farewell. The white swans glide slowly away across the lake.

  • ACT II


    Opens with A ball at the castle of the Queen, Siegfried`s mother.

    Siegfried is to choose his bride among the maidens invited.
    He remans indifferent to all of them, for he has given his heart to Odette. Only at his mother’s insistent request does he dance with the maidens invited to the ball. He must, however, choose one of them, and present the bride he has chosen with a bunch of flowers.

    A flourish of trumpets heralds the arrival of new guests. They are the magician Rothbart and his daughter, Odile. The Prince is struck by her resemblance to Odette.

    Rothbart wants the Prince to fall in love with Odile and to forget
    Odette, thus breaking his vow of eternal love and fidelity to her. Then Odette will remain for ever in the sorcerer`s power. It is for this reason that he has given his daughter the features and form of Odette.

    Odile entices Siegfried who is fascinated by her charm.He announces to his mother that the beautiful Odile is his choice. The wicked magician is jubilant.

    Suddenly Siegfried sees a vision of the swan-maiden outside the castle window. The Prince realizes that he has been deceived into breaking his vow. In despair, he rushes to the lake, to h is beloved Odette.



    Night. has fallen on the shore of the lake and there stand the swanmaidens dejected and sad as Odette has told them what happened.

    Siegfried rushes in, distracted by despair. He begs Odette to forgive him, professing his unchanging love for her.

    The enraged sorcerer summons some black swans and commands them to separate Odete and Siegfried.

    Siegfried grapples with the magician. He fights for his love and for Odette`s happiness. In the fearless encounter, he breaks Rothbart`s wing. The enchanter collapses; his power is gone, he dies.

    Love has broken the evil spell. The radiant light of the rising sun falls on the Prince and on Odette.

About us


The Russian Ballet theatre (St.Petersburg State ballet) was created in 1990 by a family of professional actors and soloists of the Maryinsky Theatre.

The leadership can trace their lineage back more than one hundred years of a dynasty that dominated Russian Ballet. For 23 years the troupe has successfully presented the art of the Russian ballet to residents and foreign guests on the best stages of St. Petersburg.

Initially the concentration of performances were held on the stages of the imperial Hermitage theater, the Ballet hall of the Aurora Palace and the Theater of Musical Comedy or Palace theater.

We adhere to strict observance of the principles of movement, expressiveness and the spiritual creativity of the unique charm of dance. Experts unmistakably recognize the validity of our adhering to the past principles of the Russian classical ballet school during our performances.

The Russian Ballet theatre keeps alive the unique spirit and traditions of execution of the Imperial Mariinsky (Kirov) theatre.

As a result of our longterm work and distinguished choreographic style, we preserve the glory of old Saint Petersburg classical masterpieces and ensure our audiences are transported back to a glorious past.