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St. Petersburg Ballet KIROV in "The Swan Lake"


Scene 1

Happiness reigns on the castle terrace as Prince Siegfried celebrates his coi of age. His friends wish him well and the mischievous Jester entertains the guests. Servants announce the arrival of the Princess Mother, Siegfried s mother. She presents her son with an arbalest and reminds him that the time has come - tomorrow, at the ball, he must choose a bride. Darkness falls as the guests leave. Siegfried, stays behind alone. Seeing a flock of swans in the sky, he makes his way to the Lake.


Scene 2

A lake in the dense forest. The Swans, stepping onto the shore, turn into young women, and Siegfried, stuck by their remarkable beauty, lowers his arbalest. Odette, Queen of the Swans, informs Siegfried that the Swans are in the power of Rothbart, the Evil Sorcerer, and that only the power of true love can break the spell. Siegfried swears eternal love but Odette cautions the young man: if he does not keep his vow, no one else will be able to help them. As dawn approaches the Swans swim back across the lake. Odette parts with Siegfried.


At the Ball beautiful young women from various countries present themselves before the Prince, but not one catches his attention. Siegfried has given his heart to Odette. Respecting his mother s intentions, the Prince is kind to the young women who have been invited to the ball. A fanfare announces the arrival of other guests. Disguised as a grand knight, Rothbart, the Sorcerer,
enters with his daughter Odile. Siegfried is bewildered because the young beauty looks extraordinary like Odette. Before the Prince has a chance to collect himself, Odile beckons to him, beguiling and enchanting. Siegfried has broken his vow to Odette and Rothbart is triumphant. There is no love or devotion strong enough to withstand his power. The image of Swan Lake arises before Siegfried, who, realizing that he has been deceived, rushes to the Lake and to Odette.



The night at the shore of the Lake, Odette tells her friends of Rothbart s reachery and of Siegfried s unwitting betrayal. The Prince appears, begs for forgiveness and swears to atone his guilt. Black Swans, sent by the Wizard, try to separate the lovers. Entering into single combat with Rothbart, Sieefried is victorious.