Two circular level spots will be reformed and a small pavilion in combination with convenience rooms offering amenities to people with special needs will be found at the larger level . On the other hand , at the smaller level which is placed opposite the junction of the Olympion Road ,you can find amphitheatric sections of seats which reach the level of the sand. These are constructed in a manner preserving the morphology of the ground .Furthermore , mosaics depicting sea images are created at the base of each section of seats.

The place is ideal for the organisation of activities for children.

What is further proposed is the placing of a canopy firstly at the pavilions, secondly, above the sections of seats and lastly at the pavement walkway in between the two organised squares.

In combination with the greenery which is found in different spots, the connection of the two level spots can be easily identified from the side of the road,giving in this way the opportunity ,the activities conducted at the zoo to be extended to the coast.The name "PLATIA DIONISOU" is suggested to be given at the specific area.