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The recreational centre operates on two levels.

On the ground floor’s level, an erected open and flat place comes up, which is used as a sheltered open place of activities with a clear view to the sea. Part of this place is used as a cultural activities alternative room (conference, exhibition room, etc), measuring 230.00 square metres. It is a room likely to change its appearance to be used in various ways complying with the local needs of every occasional event and yet to be extended in the surrounding half open-air place.

The place foyer measuring 75.00 square metres, communicates with the above floors through the stairs and the lift, but visually by creating a rectangular opening on the roof’s plate.

An independent closed place on the ground floor, measuring 60.00 square metres shelters the auxiliary services like the store room, the kitchen, the auxiliary catering rooms, the WC, the douche and the changing rooms for the staff. This place communicates through a small stairway with the above floors, where as described later on, is located the kitchen of the cafe and restaurant.

On the corner of this independent building block, having the best view to the sea, a small room serving as a bar or a canteen, likely to be functional as such, serves the public, which moves about in the open-air space.

The floors’ level is an open balcony with a view, on the one hand to the sea and on the other hand to the wide seafront of Limassol. An engineering infrastructure is expected to be constructed and be there on a permanent basis. The objective is an open-air canteen to be functional there. It will be “assembled” during summer months.

The closed room of the cafe and restaurant above, measures 350.00 square metres. It communicates with the ground floor of the foyer, as it has already been mentioned. The cafe and restaurant’s room is connected to the auxiliary rooms for the public that is the WC for men and women and the kitchen. It is directly linked to the auxiliary rooms of the independent closed room of the ground floor via the service stairs.