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The main composition principle of the building block is briefed in the creation of a solid horizontal surface, which divides in two levels, by height, the operational rooms as well as the open-air space of the centre that goes with. It operates like a wide, passable shelter, which offers natural visibility to the sea and the open horizon. Thanks to the discretion of the organism involved and the use of glasses, which limit the closed space, keeping it away from the open-air one, the building block betrays the basic terms of the architectural proposal, which is transparency and lightness. What is achieved is the inside “interfering” with the outside, once the closed rooms interfuse in the open-air in a direct and flexible way. Al last but not least, the building being eventually “crowned” on the floor level, drafts again the centre’s relation with the sea and enhances it to be a modern place mark.

Particular attention is given to the flowing character and the consistency of the open-air space as well as its being linked to the building’s functionality within the sea. The open-air activities taking place directly in the area around the building occurs indeed on two levels and two axes.

On the ground floor, the course is shaped in a way that it is connected to the city centre passing through the coastal zone and the waves. Once the building is cut transversally, it is extended in the sea. Above the ground floor, erecting a square is the end (by moving upwards) of this “public” course along the coastal zone.